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Buried cable

Omnitrax™   invisible detection

Buried cable can be used in a number of ground types including soil, asphalt and concrete.  It provides an invisible fence that can be designed to intelligently detect intruders

The Omnitrax system creates an unlimited unbroken perimeter detection field covered by linking processors attached to buried cable sets.

Each buried cable set is connected to a Senstar processor that is able to monitor and protect up to 800m (approx. ½ mile). The processers can be programmed so that each cable set length is split into 50 separate zones.  The use of a StarNet PC visual site map application allows the intrusion point to be displayed with an accuracy of 1m (39in).  Outputs from the processors can be integrated to other equipment such as intruder panels, flood lighting etc. 

Detection is based on the intruder’s electrical conductivity, size and speed. Objects weighing less than 10 kg are rejected, which provides protection against small animals, birds, rodents etc


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